What Kinda Blog Is This?

I have thoughts.

In fact, I think I have too many thoughts. I think about things that most people don’t think about. And it’s not because I believe I’m smarter than anyone or have more depth than others. I think about things because I can’t help myself. I’m literally compelled to think about stuff. 

I was the little kid who would read the fine print at the bottom of an ad in Sports Illustrated magazine. 

I was the elementary aged kid who didn’t get upset after finding out that Santa wasn’t real because, even then, the idea of someone being able to cover every square inch of the Earth in LESS than 24 hours didn’t make sense to me.

Bruh, I literally read the entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica by Middle School! God, I was a fucking nerd. Thank goodness I could play sports or otherwise I would have been a social pariah until college.


About ten years ago, I ran a streetwear and sneaker blog called H1GHER LEARNING. It gained traction as being the streetwear blog that expounded on topics that no one, with anything going on for themselves, would even consider doing:

  • 2000 words on why I loved camo cargo shorts? Check!
  • 1500 words on how the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon could help sneaker resellers move more units? Check!

That is what this blog will be: my random musings on “Black Food”. A place where I go to relieve myself of unnecessarily long involved food related thoughts and ideas. 

So in summation, if you don’t want to read an elongated post about Master P and Ramen noodlesDO NOT READ MY BLOG. 

If you just want to see pictures of Black owned restaurants and food vendors, follow Black Food Fridays on Instagram.

I hope that clears things up for you. And, please, join the “WHO MADE THE POTATO SALAD?” mailing list. My subscribers will get first dibs on what important news and information, giveaways, and (socially distant) events. I’ll also use the mailing list to highlight some of my more engaging posts on Instagram, in case you missed them. 

Thanks for rocking with me. See ya soon.


- KJ

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